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Sharpening setup

The red frame/pulley assembly is from Lee Valley. I used a 1/3 hp furnace motor.
The box is made from MDF. The motor bolts to the frame assembly, and the whole thing is attached to the box bottom.
It uses a 1" x 42" belt that lasts a long time if used only to touch up tools.
The 120x blue zirconia belt is good for removing material when it is new, but as it wears down, it is becomes better for honing. The older the belt, the finer the finish.

I have set my table at 145 degrees and locked it tight. All tool angles are achieved with interchangeable attachments.

145 degrees is what I use for my bowl gouge, so I just rest it on the table and rotate it against the belt.

I have a few different jig "tables" that rest on the main table to present the tool to the belt at the proper angle.

Even rounded skews can be sharpened effectively with the proper angle.